Friday, November 7, 2008

The Many Uses of Snare Wire

If you have followed my posts you know I carry snare wire in my kit. As with most of my gear, snare wire has a lot of potential. First off, as the name implies, you can use it for....... snares.
The snare on the top is a single strand squirrel snare. The one below is a 2 strand twisted rabbit snare. I have used these types of snares many times, and even caught a few critters.
Another piece of gear in my kit is a steel cup. It has folding handles like a canteen cup. Sometimes, instead of putting the cup on the coals to cook you want to hang it. If you don't have wire that could be a tall order. This is a easy rig, and works well.
How about that candle stub in you kit. With just a little wire you can make a harness for it. Only one thing to watch with this setup, dripping wax.A small price to pay for a little light on a cold, dark, scary night.

The uses of wire in an outdoor situation are almost endless. How about you get out and try a few!!!


Mark said...

Clever ideas. Where, or what gauge of wire do you use for your snares. Traps and snares is one of the five base skills of primitive skills that I am really deficient in.

barnislavia said...

I use a brass wire that I've had since I was in the service. But, any thin wire will work. This winter I'm going to use some snares I made out of velvet leaf. I'll post on that latter.

Berserker said...

Hey bud,
Is this the same stuff as the "tripwire" that comes on spools?

barnislavia said...

It is pretty close. The trip wire will work just fine.