Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Boy's 1st Deer

Sorry I have been absent lately boys and girls. I have been very busy with my oldest boy deer hunting. He got this button in the last 15 min of the season!!

We saw lots of deer. Our first morning we had a 5x5 160 class IA deer about 40 yards away but could not get a clear shot. I was very proud of my boy when he made the decision not to sling a 50cal hunk of lead at a target that was moving and was in heavy cover. Earlier today we tried a little 2 man drive and post. He said I ran about a dozen deer out, including 1 very nice buck and 1 average 8 pt. Once again he did not have a good shot so he did not shoot.

The deer in the pic was shot after a 1 hr stalk, with about 50 yards of belly crawl. It was not the deer he was looking for but I told him it was a trophy. All in all a good 1st season 1 shot 1 dead deer. The deer was shot at about 65 yards wit a in-line muzzle loader. The young button dropped like a sack of taters.

Folks, even if you do not hunt or don't even own firearms, please have your children take a Hunters Safety Course. I don't try to force my views on anybody, but if your children have any contact with firearms, or have friends with access to firearms, a safety course could save a life. Enough of my banter. I hope to post some more of my stuff before late muzzle loader. Stay tuned.