Thursday, October 23, 2008

550 Cord : A gift from above

In most peoples kits is some kind of cordage. It's almost a given. Most of the people I know carry military spec 550 cord. Another name I've heard thrown around for this type of cordage is para cord. The problem is there are a lot of different cords used in rigging chutes, but there is only 1 550. As you might have figured out 550 cord gets its name from its tensile strength, 550 lbs.. This fact is a major reason for its popularity. It is strong. Strong enough to lash shelter poles, use for string on a bow and drill, make large game snares, and I have even seen a person rappel with a doubled piece. (This last example is a real bad idea by the way. ) An even better reason to love 550 is its versatility. You can separate all of the parts and really have some fun. The outer sheath has an apx. tensile strength of 220 lbs.. This sheath can be used for any of your lashing, tying, or repair jobs. If you need to wrap a handle of a knife, it lays very flat and is less bulky a full piece. Inside the sheath are the 7 strands of the inner core. Their tensile strength is 35 lbs.. They have a bunch of uses. From sewing to making a gill net and even lashing, let you needs be your guide. The inner core pieces can be untwisted into 3 strands, which work very well for flossing, and other chores that only need a light duty thread. One more great thing about 550, it is easy to get. You can buy it online, or at a surplus place. If you don't have some, you should.


Mark said...

"550 cord-a gift from above"...clever I've read about this paracord for years. I'll have to pick some up at the next gun show and play around with it now.

barnislavia said...

You won't regret it. Maybe I,ll see ya at the next show in Fremont.