Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Beloved Mora

Many of you who read these kind of blogs probably have read a score of articles on the Mora knife. Well get ready for another one !!!! I was first introduced to these knives at age 18. (I'm surprised I didn't already know about them, since I knew everything). I was in bushcraft class taught by Mors Kochanski. I didn't know who he was or what he knew, but looking back on it I wish I had taken some pictures and better notes. That's for another time. He had this knife hanging around his neck. It had a cheap plastic sheath, and a ugly red handle. Old Mors walked up to a tree about the size of a coffee can,and beat that ugly knife all the way in to the handle. He then stood on the knife. After he talked a little more, he beat that Mora around the tree, cutting it down. Needless to say I was impressed. That is how it started for me, an addiction. Through the years I have owned many Moras, and gave most of them away. I have kept a few. The one I will always use and keep is the beauty all the way to the right in the pic. It was given to me in 92 by the lead instructor of the Swedish Survival School. It has gutted,skinned, and butchered a lot af animals. It has been used to start hundreds of fires. It has been vital in shelter building,cutting chute, cleaning fish, and digging out splinters. It is my favorite knife. The other two in the picture are ones I have put handles on. A really fun project. I won't get into the steel type, or scandi grind. That is up to you to find out. Lets just say for around 10 bucks you can't beat it. The place I buy mine now is Bens Backwoods. By the way I don't get squat for giving him a plug, and that is ok.

Now that you have seen a great knife for a great price, go get one!!!


Mark said...

I was checking out the Mora knives at Ben's Backwoods. Am surprised how inexpensive they are, and all the positive endorsements from various sources.

Fenlander said...

Hope you don't mind , but I've added a link from my blog to yours. Thanks for you comment.

barnislavia said...

It is hard to believe that such a cheap knife is sooo goood.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

"I'm surprised I didn't already know about them, since I knew everything"

Haha ha, it wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so true. happy daze.

Your blog is rockin' dude keep up the good work

LarryB said...

What a great background story about your Love of the Mora knife dude! They are still one of the best investments a person could make for the outdoors. Great blog you've got goin' on here as well.